Volunteer Opportunities

Adoption Assistants
Adoption Assistants are on the front lines of dealing with the public, helping make the adoption process a smooth one.


Duties include providing great customer service, answering questions about adoptable animals, issuing visitation passes, answering phones, using a computer, and other clerical duties.

Animal Care Assistants
Animal Care Assistants maintain our exam areas and help our animal care staff with general animal maintenance and routine cleanup. This job may require repetitious bending and lifting, and volunteers are exposed to various cleaning agents. This position has high animal contact.

Cat Room Assistants
Cat Room Assistants maintain the cat rooms throughout the day, groom and socialize our feline friends, and assist potential adopters. Volunteers must have good customer service skills and be able to professionally represent Willamette Humane Society and our policies when interacting with the public.

Dog Handlers
Dog Handlers provide our canine friends with a chance to stimulate their minds and stretch their legs. We have a walking trail, off leash exercise pens, and much more. This socialization and exercise is vital to the dogs’ happiness and health. This position requires a tolerance for loud noise and volunteers must be able to handle dogs over 50 pounds. This is a position with a lot of animal contact. Volunteers in this position must be able to deal with adverse weather conditions, as we work the dogs rain or shine.

This group, open to youth volunteers age 12-18, meets every other Monday at WHS. HaT volunteers come together to enhance adoptability and promote adoptable pets. They spend time as kennel buddies, attend outreach events , coordinate volunteer projects, and learn ways to enhance adoptability through photography, training, social media, etc.

Kennel Buddies
The Kennel Buddy program gives extra companionship to dogs waiting for adoption.  It helps to prevent or overcome “kennel stress,” and is an excellent way to form a positive association with their space and learn new skills!
For volunteers who can’t accommodate a regular dog-walking schedule, being a Kennel Buddy is the perfect way to spend quality time with dogs on the adoption floor.  Buddies spend as little or as much time with the dogs of their choice.  Watch our video about Kennel Buddies.

Foster Families
Foster families open up their homes to care for animals that need extra attention, including animals who are too young to be adopted, ones who need extra socialization, or animals that are injured or sick.

Outreach Volunteers
Outreach volunteers assist our staff with several of our community events. Events include adoption outreach events, booths at fairs, and our annual Bowser’s Boo Bash. Volunteers must have customer service skills and be able to professionally represent Willamette Humane Society and our policies when interacting with the public.

Spay & Neuter Clinic Volunteers
Clinic volunteers assist clinic employees with a variety of tasks, including washing surgical instruments, preparing surgery packs, cleaning kennels and the clinic, and helping with surgery animals when needed.

The clinic also has volunteers specifically to assist our receptionist with tasks, including answering phones, scheduling appointments, filing medical records, and other various receptionist duties.

Thrift Store Volunteers
All of the profits from the WHS Thrift Store come back to the shelter, supporting the care of the animals. Store volunteers assist customers and represent Willamette Humane to the general public. Duties include sorting and pricing donations, cashiering, and setting up displays.

Transport Volunteers
Transport Volunteers transport shelter animals to other shelters, veterinary appointments, or grooming appointments.

Office Assistant
Assist with the general office duties which may include the following: data entry, assembling pet adoption packets, filing and other general office duties. Position may require extended periods of sitting.

Senior Projects
If you are a student and are interested in doing your Senior Project with Willamette Humane Society, please fill out and return this application.

Job Shadowing
If you are a student and are interested doing a Job Shadow at Willamette Humane Society, please fill out and return this application.