Surrendering Your Pet

We understand there are times when families must give up their pets. We encourage you to exhaust all other options before giving up your pet. Download our brochure with tips for rehoming your pet. If you believe relinquishment is the best option, we may be able to help.

Admissions Policy

Willamette Humane Society accepts cats and dogs from Marion and Polk Counties as space and resources allow. (If you live outside of Marion or Polk County, go here for a list of shelters in your area. If you are looking for help finding a home for a rabbit, guinea pig, bird or other small pet, see the list of tips for rehoming your small pet and possible referrals to other groups). We make every effort to place healthy, friendly cats and dogs in loving, new homes. However, we cannot guarantee that your pet will be accepted for adoption. The placement of an individual pet is based on an evaluation of his or her health and temperament, as well as available space in our adoption kennels. Once we place an animal up for adoption, there is no time limit in which he or she can remain up for adoption.

Guidelines for Surrendering Your Pet to WHS

1. Call us at (503) 585-5900, ext. 300 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are required. If you do not reach a staff member right away, leave a detailed message and we will return your call within 1 business day. (Shelter business days are Thursday through Monday. We are closed Tuesday & Wednesday). We will gather some basic information about your pet, discuss options, and explain the intake process so that you know what to expect before you arrive at the shelter.

2. Complete the appropriate questionnaire about your pet(s) and bring it with you to your appointment:

  • Cat Questionnaire(pdf)
  • Dog Questionnaire (pdf)
  • Please take some time to thoughtfully complete the questionnaire. Your complete answers will assist us in placing your pet in a new environment.

    3. Bring all vet records with you to your appointment.

    4. Pay the mandatory receiving fee. This fee helps offset the costs of the animal’s care. Fees:
    $20 per cat
    $30 per dog
    $40 for a litter of puppies or kittens
    $25 for a feral cat

    See the list of Frequently Asked Questions for more details about our Admissions Policy and Procedures.