Renting with Pets

Statistics show that almost 50% of renters have pets. For rental property managers, it makes good business sense to maintain a policy that welcomes responsible pet owners. An animal-friendly policy will increase the marketability of a housing property or community and often results in an increased length of occupancy. Tenants must be willing to show proof that they are responsible pet owners, take measures to ensure their pets act appropriately, and adhere to all pet-related rules established by their housing community. 

When tenants and property managers work together, it can be a win-win situation for all and result in fewer animals surrendered to shelters. Here are some tips to help both tenants and property managers:

For Landlords/Property Managers

  • Developing an Effective Pets Welcome Policy (pdf)
  • Pet Application(pdf)
  • Pet Addendum to Rental Agreement (pdf)
  • For Tenants

  • Tips for Tenants (pdf)
  • Pet-Friendly Rentals in Marion and Polk Counties (pdf)
  • View Salem Pet Friendly Apartments in a full screen map