Happy People Happy Pets


Willamette Humane’s new “Happy People Happy Pets” initiative is made possible by a grant through the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and based on a program successfully implemented last year by the Humane Society of Boulder Valley as part of the ASPCA’s $100,000 Challenge. Encouraged by the success of Boulder Humane’s adoption refund initiative, the ASPCA invited shelters to apply for grant funding to pilot similar programs in their communities. WHS was one of 3 shelters selected to receive grant funding. Per the ASPCA’s requirements, most of the grant money was used to conduct visitor surveys at Willamette Humane and establish some baseline data that will help staff measure the success of the program. The other portion of the grant is being utilized to help spread the word about the new initiative to the community.

We want to place the right pet in the right home and eliminate any perceived risk that might be associated with adopting.  Our new policy will help ensure a good fit for both the adopter and the animal, improve customer satisfaction, and hopefully increase the number of adoptions. Ultimately, if people are happy with the pets they adopt, the pets are going to be happy too.