Shelter Wish List

You can save lives with your thoughtful donations for the day to day care of the animals and operations of the shelter. If you’re thinking of bringing in a gift for the animals at Willamette Humane Society- thank you- here’s a list of their most-asked-for items.

We recognize these items range widely in price. Some you might have at home while others might be a purchase on your next shopping trip. Thank you in advance for donating items to support the animals at WHS!

Many of these items are available at Davenport’s Den, our pet supply store in the shelter, or online from our Wishlist!


Urgently Needed Items

  • Canned cat and dog food
  • Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR)
  • Kitten/Puppy microwave heating pads by Snuggle Safe (available on our Wishlist)
  • Cream Cheese (to stuff in Kongs)
  • 12-15 Railroad Ties (replacements for dog walking path)
  • Kongs* (toys that provide kennel enrichment for dogs)
  • Rawhide chews (various sizes) for SAFER testing new dogs
  • New or gently used white bath towels for our Spay/Neuter Clinic
  • New or used basket/soccer/kick balls for dog exercise
  • Stretch & Scratch for kennel enrichment available in Davenport’s Den

Feeding Supplies

  • Hot dogs (used as training treats for dogs)
  • jars of baby food (meat varieties)
  • Squeeze cheese in a can
  • Cream Cheese
  • Wide popsicle sticks

Cleaning Supplies

  • Paper towels
  • Scrubber sponges
  • Bleach
  • Long rubber gloves (for doing dishes)

Cat & Dog Supplies

  • Towels (gently used and clean)
  • Kuranda beds for dog kennels (
  • Easy-walk front-clip harnesses* (volunteers utilize these harnesses for daily dog walking)
  • Dog collars- 6-9 in
  • Dog & Cat Toys* (chew, rope, and food puzzle toys for dogs, and washable toys for cats)
  • Treats* (small, for training)
  • Cheap paper plates
  • Long-handled plastic mixing spoons
  • Moist dog treats
  • Big beef bones from the butcher
  • Portable kennels for our foster & outreach program.  Large ones and small ones needed.
  • Tall cat trees for shelter suites

Medical/Exam Supplies

  • Heatable rice bags (for animals recovering from surgery)
  • Flea treatments (Advantage, Revolution)*

Grooming Supplies

  • Dog clippers (high quality for shaving)

Office Supplies

  • Ipad or Android Tablets
  • PC Computers with a minimum of 2 GB RAM, 1ghz processor, and an SATA hard-drive.
  • Computer Monitors
  • Copy paper & Card Stock (white & colors)

Miscellaneous Needs

  • Armless stacking chairs for our Education Hall (multiples)
  • Lighted Counter-top Showcase for Davenport’s Den
  • Commercial Hedge Trimmer
  • Commercial Leaf Blower

*Available in Davenport’s Den, the pet supply store located inside the Willamette Humane Society.