Happy Tails

If you’ve adopted a pet from WHS, we’d love to hear from you (or your pet!) so we can share your story with staff, on our website, or in Brief Paws, our quarterly newsletter. Send your adoption tale (250 words or less) and a high-resolution digitial photo (approx. 1 MB) of your pet to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


My wife, Lynn, and I adopted little Miss Gidget from the WHS about 7 months ago. She had been an inside-only cat, but we have gradually introduced her to the great outdoors. Now, she loves to smell the flowers and watch the birds in her backyard. She cries to us to let her out in the mornings and afternoons. She is a sweet kitty and we very much enjoy having her with us and we think the feeling is mutual. She seems to be a happy cat!  Thanks to the volunteers and staff who guided us to her.

Ed & Lynn Long



Polly Primrose came into my life on May 6, 2012. She caught my attention with her warm, brown eyes and sweet demeanor. I was looking for a young dog who would get along with my cats. Instead, I adopted a 10 year old Cattle Dog mix. Turns out, we are the perfect match - two old girls who love to go on short runs and long walks. Sometimes you don’t know what you want until she is staring you in the face, smiling and wagging her tail.

Yes, Polly smiles when she is happy. She smiles a lot these days. She has settled in very nicely to a routine of a morning run or walk, outdoor playtime with the cats, naps on her own sofa and an hour or so of bird and squirrel watching in the evenings. She also has lots of time for hugs and cuddling - probably her favorite thing.

She also loves her Saturday morning trips to the dog park followed by a trip to the Salem Saturday Market for some social interaction. I don’t know why her last family surrendered her, but I’m glad they did. Polly is sweet, calm, quiet, playful, intelligent and very loving. She’s the perfect addition to our little family.



Hello! I am Miss Lovey Lilac Softpaws. I was adopted by my forever family and I wanted all of my friends at Willamette Humane Society to know that I am doing very well in my new home! I have everything that a kitty could want, including two little brothers that I love to curl up with. My BIG doggie sister loves to follow me around and has an annoying habit of scooting me across the floor with her nose, but she loves me and that is just fine. The only one I am still working on is my big kitty brother. At first things were a little rough, but we have made friends and I leap on him from time to time to let him know I love to play. I even have my very own teddy bear “Caramel” that I love to carry around.

My new family would like you to know that they all love me, and while they miss their old kitty very much (which they got from the Humane Society many years ago), they can’t imagine how they ever made it without my playfulness and tricks that make them laugh. Thank you all so much for taking such good care of me before my family came along.  I know that I am going to have a very long happy life with them!



On July 7, I adopted one of the most wonderful dogs ever, Stryker (aka Caller). He is extremely well behaved and loves to show off his tricks, such as sitting on his bottom while putting his front paws up to his chest. His favorite toys are ones with squeakers in them. He plays continually with them by himself and with me. He also chases tennis balls and plays Frisbee. He is full of youth and energy! Most importantly, he is healthy and actually listens. The vet was very impressed with his overall health and disposition.

Baxter was the name of the first Beagle I ever owned. I thought Beagles were one of the easiest dogs to own and care for. I never realized how much attention they really do need as it all seemed normal for me.Their eyes hold loyalty and love which has a way of piercing one’s heart. Stryker has this love and passion in his eyes, too. Stryker will be going on his first outdoor adventure - a 4-day camping trip. I think he will do well as he does have a knack for adventure. Again, I want to thank everyone at the Humane Society for taking such good care of Stryker until he could find his forever home. Please accept this donation as a token of my appreciation.



My name is Jezebel. I’m writing to you because my parents wanted to let you know how happy they are with me. As soon as my parents brought me to the house, I made myself right at home. I love my new home. I especially love to race my mommy up and down the stairs, and I almost always win, except for the few times when I let her win, but she doesn’t know that. I make my mom laugh when I’m running up and down the stairs because I’ll skip several steps at a time, but then as soon as I hit the bottom of the stairs, I start skidding on the tile while trying to make a sharp left turn. It’s pretty amusing.

Sometimes my parents think I’m really a dog in disguise because I love to play fetch but only with one particular ugly green toy that keeps losing its fur. My mom is frantically trying to find a replacement, but so far, she has had no such luck. She’s brought home new toys, but none are worthy of fetching in my opinion.

Oh, one last thing I forgot to mention. There is this really big old grey cat named Keegan who lives with me. He’s ultra sensitive and likes to do nothing all day. Me, on the other hand, I’d rather play and race around the house. But there are times when I love to cuddle with Keegan and it drives him crazy! He’s been a good sport though and is very tolerant of me. I have to go to now, but wanted you to know how extremely grateful I am to the Willamette Humane Society for giving me a chance to adopt a family of my own.
- Jezebel



I adopted Juneau from your shelter about a month ago. I renamed him Kodi which is short for Kodiak. When I first met him, he was shy and kept to the back of his kennel.  He looked up at me with huge brown eyes that melted my heart and made me want to take him home right then and there. Since I brought him home, he has really come out of his shell and he adores me. If I am home, he is either following me around the house or sitting next to me. When he runs, he runs with all four of his feet off the ground, so he looks like he is taking giant hops around the yard. He loves to play ‘chase’ games with the other dogs and will chase them if they run, or run away from them if they come after him. He learned his lesson about messing with the cat though and has since stopped trying to chase them. He sleeps in my room every night and before it is time to get up in the morning, he comes up to my bed and puts his head on me or right next to me in an attempt to wake me up. I really appreciate that all the staff and volunteers took such good care of him before he got to come home. Thank you so much for everything!
—Aimee & Kodi



Just wanted to give you an update on Clover! We adopted her on St. Patrick’s Day and have fallen in LOVE ever since. We completed our first week of obedience class so far, and she is doing well. She has gained a significant amount of muscle and loves to play fetch and play with balls of any kind.  We couldn’t be happier with her.  She is slowly making friends with our cats, and is well behaved inside the house and outside.  Thanks for our new best friend!



Just want thank the staff for matching Libby up with me. She is such a delight, I love her and her antics. I find her in bed with me both evening and morning looking for her belly rub and a little love. You would never know that she is nine years old. Thank you, thank you.
- Joan